summer days

The summer landscape of mountain lakes. Late July and there is still patches of snow to tredge through to reach the alpine lakes. Snow that is soft, wet and deep in places that will swallow your leg to your hip if you aren't careful. The journey up isn't always easy for me, but am always grateful that I made it. What are a few sore muscles and tired feet when you get to sit next to this and have a hiker's feast. 

Here we are in late July, summer being about half over. Vacation is still to come delivering me to nature for several days in the company of the one I love the most, my child. Our annual summer time together when we venture onto the land to explore amoung the trees, rocks, streams and all sorts of flora and fauna. 

The studio calls to me as much as the mountains do. Art making is made in bits and pieces of time after work and weekends. Progress always seems slow to me, but then today, I realize I have quite a body of work stored up and I know it's time for me to release them. 

Until the summer days are gone, I plan to make the most of them. And when the fall and winter days come, I plan to make the most of them too. 


living a simple life

For as long as I can remember, I've said, "I want to live a simple life." But what do I really mean when I say this? In what ways simple? 

I'm not sure I can explain in adequate detail what this simple life looks like, I just know that living a simple life appeals to me. Makes sense to me and is a good fit for me. As a young girl there where times when I dreamed of greatness, attention and wealth, because isn't that what we are taught to work towards? Isn't it what happens when we fall for the falseness that we see in magazines, movies and TV?

Yet deep inside my soul, it was the simple life that I really hoped to have. I've learned that having a simple life takes action, just as living a high life does. A simple life doesn't just happen to you; you make it happen for you.

When I stive to live simply, it makes me feel more in control, more content, more at peace. Making simple choices means simple in size, like the home I live in. Simple in my wardrobe, becaue too many clothes makes it hard to get dressed in the morning. Simple in the foods I eat, which is both a choice, and a physiological necessity for me to thrive. Simple in the people I surround myself with and call friends. I've always been one who has a few close friends, this way I can give them more of myself and enjoy more of them. 

There are countless ways to make your life simple. It only takes the desire to do so. With each passing year, I dial it back more and more to the basics, holding on to fewer possessions, fewer hurts, fewer expectations of others, (and of myself), and fewer regrets. I let go of that which does not make me happy to make more room in my simple life for joy. And making my life simple doens't mean it is bare or dull or with out color, sparkle and light.

Simple hasn't replaced passion; it has made it easier to know more passion. 

I can see far into the future when I am old. Waking early to watch the sun rise as I give thanks for another day and the life I've had thus far. I'll spend my days creating art and writing, loving the ones I love, enjoying the company of my dog, and feeling the peace I worked so very hard to cultivate. 



Every year, I pick one word that will define the coming year for me. Something I want to focus on and something to guide my actions.  These words have to come to me on their own. They have to find me. They have to be the right word. I can't just pick one. It's a feeling and all that. 

For 2017, FUN found me. Insisted I pay attention to it. To incorporate it into my year. Into my work, art, everyday life. It showed up saying that I had for far too long, not given FUN enough of my energy and attention. That I had pushed it aside in favor of WORRY.  

So FUN it shall be! 

Nice to have you around again FUN. Nice of you not to have given up on me all together. Let's get started.... Having FUN!



Me and my dog. Starting off 2017 the right way. With a snowshoe in the mountains. Sunlight dancing off snow, fresh cold air for breath and pine trees lining the path. 

I needed to start the year doing what cleanses my soul. Setting intentions for what will come in a new year. Life is good here in Colorado. This land makes it so for me. Things can be get pretty crappy sometimes, but then there is always the mountains and nature to heal me. And my dog of course. 

Love and light and wonderful for all of us in 2017.