Happy Friday (post Thanksgiving) 11.23.12

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.  Thanksgiving.  A day of food, family, friends, football. At least for me anyway.  Except for the family part this year.  This year marked the first time in my son's life that we haven't been together on Thanksgiving.  He started out the day with a text message to me wishing me a Happy Turkey Day.  It made me cry a little.  I knew his day would be spent with family though, and I was glad for that.


I spent part of my day hiking with two wonderful friends.  I never get tired of looking out and seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance.  It makes every climb up, well worth it.


Then when I got home, I turned on the football game (Texans, then Cowboys) and in between plays, I made this yummy sweet potato souffle.  One of my offerings for a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by a sweet gal who saved me from having to eat a Thanksgiving meal all alone.  Yippee for caring, loving friends.  

The day was really nice.  Beautiful weather, good friends, good food and the knowledge that even though I wasn't with those I love so dearly, they were happy, I was happy, all was good.  I'd been expecting the sadness and loneliness of these first holidays without my husband and son.  Without the familiar and safe.  Quite frankly, I was fearful of the overwhelming sad that I just knew would wrap itself around me and not let go.  But here's what happened instead:  I allowed a little sadness and a tear or two to come, and then quickly fade.  I filled my day with sunshine and mountain views and the sweet smell of pine. The smiles, laughter and company of good friends.  The companionship of my pup Hugo.  I filled the day with the football games of my Texas teams.  Good food and drink.   

And I paused more than once yesterday, on the day that we celebrate to give Thanks, and I did just that.  I gave Thanks for my son who I love so deeply and of whom I am so very very proud.  I gave Thanks for my new friends here in Boulder, who show me everyday how much they care for me and how quickly they have opened up a space in their hearts and homes for me.  I gave Thanks for the beauty that surrounds me each time I walk out my front door.  I gave Thanks for making it through the most difficult year of my life, and doing so with grace.  I gave Thanks for all the abundance in my life, and the ability to see my life in those terms.  Not lack and loss, but a life full of so much wonderful!  

Happy Friday Friends.  I hope today and the coming weekend are a continuation of the Thanksgiving celebration.  And time to ramp up our energy for Christmas and the New Year!  

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