Dispatch Boulder - More Sunshine

I went for a 6 mile hike yesterday with a good friend.  The weather here this month has been to die for.  Just amazingly beautiful every day.  


We hiked the Mesa Trial that runs south from Eldorado Springs, north dumping you into Chautauqua park.  I didn't take many pictures this hike.  Sometimes when hiking with someone or a group, I'm so caught up in chatting with them that I forget to take pictures. 


Pretty sure this is Devil's Thumb.  From the map's indication, it should be, but I'm not 100% sure.  At any rate, it is a very cool rock formation.  It is quite high up and far from where I was standing when I took the shot.  Thank goodness for zoom lenses.  

I've been out so much this past couple of weeks doing things with new friends and discovering new places.  This Wednesday I may go ice skating (MAYBE) with a group and if I do, I'll report back. Until next time, enjoy your days!

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