Happy Friday 11.30.12


Wowza!  December is here folks.  Can't believe it.  This year has passed by so painfully slow at times, and just as painfully fast too.  Such a mixed bag of emotions and events.  I can't say that I will be sorry to see 2012 go, and a new year begin.

I took the photo above in Louisville at their outdoor ice skating rink.  Went there with friends this week, but I didn't skate. I'm not stupid!  Last thing I need is to break something.  So I watched and took pictures.  Then we all went for dinner.  Good times!

I have so much to share and tell but it seems I'm short on time again this week.  I truly have so much on my plate that needs to get done and by a certain time too, so I'm trying hard to stay focused on those tasks.  Perhaps I'll find the time to write more next week.

I'm attending a holiday party tomorrow night and boy am I ready to just cut loose and have some fun.  Dance the night away.....

Here's wishing your weekend has some fun and dancing in it too.  Enjoy and see you back here next week.

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