Happy Friday 11.09.12

What's Your....


A couple of weeks ago, somewhere, someone said to ask others, "What's your passion?"  That it is  a great conversation starter, especially with someone you just met.  I wrote it down because I think it is brilliant and I want to remember to ask others what it is they are passionate about.  

So I ask you, "What is your passion?"  

Here's to a weekend filled to the brim with our passion(s).  Be it art, family, friends, nature, learning, teaching, exploring, creating.  Whatever yours is, rededicate yourself to it this weekend.  If even in a small way, like writing it down in your journal or on a sticky note that you put on the refrigerator.  

"Find the passion.  It takes great passion and great energy to do anything creative.  I would go so far as to say, you can't do it without passion."

     ---Agnes de Mille


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