Dispatch Boulder - Bluestem Trail with Friends

Saturday brought another new hike for me, Bluestem.  And this time, I had the company of five great friends and two wonderful pups.  


Here's Nancy, Julie, Alice, Maggie and Barker.  

It was a cold and gray day, but we were fearless - and bundled up warm!  Not sure how far we hiked.  Maybe three miles.  The scenery is always amazing, but the company and conversation made the hike all the more special. 


You will notice in this picture, that our bodies are heating up from the physical exercise, so we are all shedding our jackets.  Layers people, layers!


Four beautiful ladies and Barker.  I think the odds were in his favor.


Another group shot this time with a little dog butt included.


And speaking of butt, yes this is a picture of mine.  Complete with sticker burrs.  Big ones!  Ouchie ones.  This is what I got for my efforts to get a good group shot of my friends.  Unsuspecting as I was when I squatted down in the brush.  This only shows two, but I promise there were more before I started pulling them out.  And they may not look like much, however, I can assure you, they were most uncomfortable.  Thanks Julie and Alice for picking burrs off my butt.  You are true and caring friends. 


Then it was time to head downhill and back to the trailhead and parking area.  


Time spent in nature, hiking and with friends is always a good thing.  A soul satisfier.  A joy maker.

I can't wait for the next one.

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