Happy Friday 12.21.12

Whee! Glad we're all still here.  :)

Happy Friday Everyone!  And Happy Holidays.

Well, my boy is safely on his way back to Austin and I miss him already.  A short time together, but much fun indeed.  


He blends in so well with the background in this picture, I used an arrow.  Ha!  This was our first hike together.  Mt. Sanitas Trail.  He did great.  

 At the top.

At the top.

And we tried to hike on Thursday up at Homestead, but the snow proved too deep for our hiking boots.  Next time, we'll know it's time for snowshoes.  


We headed over to Walker Ranch were I could get the car in the parking lot, and we walked (sunk in the snow) for a short distance laughing as we tried to stay upright.  And, we both found the face of an old man in this rock formation.  


I so enjoy Zach's company.  We talk about any and all things, and he shares my wonder and amazement at the awesomeness of nature.  Blessed beyond belief that he is my kid.   

I hope everyone's weekend shapes up to be wonderful, and perhaps filled with some holiday magic.  

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