Of Thoughts of Mine 12.04.12


I confess to having a very active mind.  I think.  A lot!  I'm also an observer.  A seeker of why.  I spend many moments in deep contemplative states. And sometimes I write these thoughts down. And then put them away.  And then one day find them again.  Read them and remember why I thought them in the first place and felt compelled to write them down.  I've decided to share some of them here in this space.  I'll call these posts, Of Thoughts of Mine. 

August 27th, 2012: 9:30pm

What do you do when the good life ends?

When the life you've been living steps in front of a bus and just like that, is killed.

When the comfort and safety you've felt for so long suddenly leaves you alone and scared.

What do you do?

You scream and cry out loud.  You beg and bargin and adjust yourself.

You do everything in your power to make it not your truth.

And then, when all these things fail to bring about the halt of the end of the good life-

You go out and make another good life. 

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