Look! Two of me.

 Photo taken by my son Zach on top of Mt. Sanitas.

Photo taken by my son Zach on top of Mt. Sanitas.

Wish it were true that I could double myself up sometimes.  Be able to tackle different tasks in different places.  As you can see from this photo above, with today's high tech gadgets I can be in the same picture twice.  But this is just simple trickery.  Running from on side to the other when a panoramic photo is being taken.   Lots of fun to do, but no practical use.

Do I really wish I could be two people at once?  No, not really.  Being one Ann is all I can handle!  However, like most people I do have times when I wish there were more hours in a day.  That there were ways in which I could stretch myself so that I could get more accomplished in said time.  When these feelings come up, they don't last long, only a day or two.  A simple reminder that no matter how hard I try, I can only do so much at one time. That I'm as much human as the next person.  Falling short sometimes of goals set.  Making endless to-do lists only to have to carry several items to the next to-do list.  Realizing that being an over-achiever is not all its cracked up to be.  

So I'll just go on making my to-do's, over loading my schedule, and committing to much all at once.  This is just how I operate.  Full speed ahead.  Always optimistic that I am super woman.   

Thank heavens for wisdom though.  Because through life and lessons learned, I've come to balance my over-achieving ways with days of play and "do nothings"; of goof off time.  I allow myself quiet moments throughout the day to recharge and recalibrate. I've stopped scolding myself when I feel I've let myself down.  I'm kinder to me, to Ann.

I'm an idea person, a dreamer, motivator.  This I do not wish to change.  I'm also a structure hound, scheduler, and task master.  This I do not wish to change either.  Together these characteristics make the whole of me.  The best of me.

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