Being Single & Breaking In A New Mattress

 image via eBay

image via eBay

First, allow me to help you get your mind out of the gutter.  There, that's better.

Sorry to disappoint, but this post has nothing to do with sex.  This post is just another example of me being one of those people who thinks about odd things.  Things that when I begin to wonder about them, then I begin to wonder if anyone else thinks about the same things.  It's a strange cycle, I promise you.

My latest odd ruminating moment came last night right after I turned off the lights to slumber.  It occurred to me that I sleep on one side of the bed even though I am no longer sharing it with a mate.  One might think that when one finds themselves single again, and the proud owner of a not-so-cheap-to-purchase new mattress, that said person would take advantage of stretching out across the entire bed.  Think of the possibilities. Head in one corner, feet tucked under the covers at the opposite and diagonal end, like a big slash mark.  Or arms and legs spread eagle doing your best impression of the letter X.

But not me.  I sleep pretty much in a straight line and on one side of the bed.  Every night.  So this got me to thinking about how a single person, who prefers one side of the bed, goes about properly breaking in a new mattress   With there no longer being a counterweight on the other side (in my case, a husband) is my new super duper wonderful mattress destined to become lopsided?  Am I going to create such a divide between right and left sides that one day the mattress will suffer from permanent deformity?  Will the indentation made by my body become so deep and perfectly formed that I am in danger of one night being forever encapsulated?  

I know you are suppose to flip mattresses, and in some cases depending on the type, rotate them so the head is the bottom and the bottom becomes the head.  But this only makes me fuss over how often a single person should do so.  Maybe I should inquire at the mattress store where I bought mine.  

Nah, on second thought, don't want to risk the guys at the store thinking I'm some lonely, strangely odd crazy person.  

And besides, in my case I actually have a solution to my quandary in the form of one 112 pound dog that I could always use as my new counterweight. 

Happy Sleeping!

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