Happy Friday 02.15.13 - Glamour Filled

I have the most glamorous Happy Friday post for you ever!  

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 11.11.21 AM.png

A couple of guys are in my place right this very minute installing a new gas furnace!  See, I told you it was glamorous.  

Right about now you are wondering about my definition of glamour.

Honestly, the experience is pretty much just a pain in the butt, noisy and beyond distracting.  The two dudes are nice enough, but not hot in anyway, that say, firemen can be.  Darn the luck.

But a new furnace I needed, so a new furnace I'm getting.  It all started last week when the carbon monoxide detector in my house began to act up.  Not a full-on alarm mind you, but the intermittent beeping that usually singles new batteries are needed, or the thing is suffering from some sort of malfunction.   I tried new batteries, but that didn't work.  Long story long - when the maintenance guy came to check it out, he removed the front cover of the old furnace and low and behold, big'o flames were shooting out in places flames should not be shooting out in a gas furnace!  Maintenance guy is like, "That's not good."  And I'm like, "YOU THINK!"  Holy smokes people, WTF!  

Glad I didn't get blown up.

So that is my Friday.  My Happy Friday.   Happy to be getting a new and safe furnace.  Happy to have not blown up.  Happy that another weekend is here and the weather is suppose to be absolutely gorgeous.  Or glamorous if you like.  

Have a good one my friends.

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