Happy Friday 02.22.13


Holy Moly what a week!  It contained the following:

paying of bills; hiking (for exercise); secured po box; got car inspected then registered in the state of Colorado; tons of reading (some for pleasure, some for biz); newsletter sign-up made public; blog post; facebook marketing; clothes washed; bed sheets washed; mattress turned (see previous post re: breaking in new mattress when single); walked Hugo about 30 times; dinner and convo with friend;  grocery shopped; lots and lots of writing of essays for ecourse i'll be offering soon; got 7+ hours of sleep each night; and made investment in me and my biz.  

Next week is even going to be more busy.  And the week after that, and the week after, and after..... Tons of good stuff coming down the pipes!

Here's wishing you a beautiful and joy filled weekend.  There is fluffy white stuff on the ground where I live, and the sun shining off it makes me happy.  And wear sunglasses!

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