Jester, Sage, Creator

These are my Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator results: Jester/Sage/Creator with the shadow archetype of Orphan.  Never heard of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator? Neither had I until a few days ago.  Just click on the links in this post to be taken to their website where you can read all about the different archetypes and purchase your chance to take the assessment.  At only $18, I thought it was worth the fun.  Especially because this assessment and the resulting identification of your archetypes is indicative of how you tell the stories of your life.  I'm always up for learning more about myself and understanding better how I operate.  

 Image from www.capt.or

Image from www.capt.or

In brief, my archetypes say this about me:

Jester = assumes that life is meant to be enjoyed.  Well heck yes!  What else is life good for if not to be enjoyed for heaven's sake. The foundation behind Live.Life.Wonderful.  At the core of my message.  Get ye out there and enjoy life!

Sage = assumes that "the truth will set you free."  Again, couldn't be more on point for me in that I call myself a "truth teller."  I'm honest, straightforward and always tell my truth and expect others to do the same.  Hiding behind lies and half-truths in your life, whether you tell them to others, or yourself, will never make a wonderful life. 

Creator = assumes what can be imagined can be created.   Um... Yes!  In art and in life. Human potential is vast and our ability to dream and imagine gives rise to the discovery of all life's wonders.  My declaration of the life changing powers of creativity, fall right in line with the creator in me.  Because I can imagine everyone in the world finding, embracing and benefiting from tapping into their creative sweet spots, I set about creating LLW.  I could imagine myself helping and supporting others; being of service and doing good in the world, and so I am.  Imagine + Create = Wonderful! 

Orphan (my shadow archetype) = assumes that it pays to be careful. And I am. Careful that is, in most areas in my life.  Especially relationships.  This type is also described as having resilience and to be a survivor.  Again, I am those things.  But under this archetype I can also be cynical, and I work everyday to be so less.  I honestly don't know where my strength comes from, but I lean on it every single day.  

Fun, right?  If you decide to take the assessment, for your $18 you also receive a 57 page booklet that goes much deeper in explaining your archetypes and how they apply to your life, as well as a full description of all the archetypes.  There are positive characteristics of each, and also things to watch out for in each.  Things to keep in mind as you tell the stories of your life.  

Have fun.  And if you take it, or have already, share what your archetypes are in the comments.  

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