Happy Friday 03.01.13

It's March!  I love the month of March.  Or least I did in Austin.  I think March might be a little different kind of month in Boulder.  March in Austin meant the coming spring and  the state flower, the bluebonnet, one of my all time favorite wild flowers.  Last year was a record year for them in the hill county and I took many photos. I guess I'll have to pull those images out of storage so I can still have my March bluebonnet fix.  Sigh.....


I have a vivid memory from a trip to Colorado over 22 years back - while I was hiking I came across a bluebonnet up high on a mountain side.  I remember thinking how odd to not only see a bluebonnet in Colorado, but in June nonetheless.  Guess I was a little naive back then about wild flowers, differences in climate and seasons, and the fact that Texas does not have a monopoly on bluebonnets. 


I've had a very busy week working hard to get my first ecourse launched and open for registration. Yeah Me!  {See ecourses page for details}  I'm also studying hard all my marketing info from fbInfulence and about to dive head first into an intense online business/marketing course.  I also opened up sign-up for the LLW newsletter which I hope to publish the first of by mid-March.  I'm moving full force into building Live.Life.Wonderful.  It's about damn time too.  One thing I keep hearing from some of the most successful business people around, is that sometimes you just have to start even if you don't feel ready.  We so often stand in our way, and I've been doing a little of that- blocking my own growth and eventual success.  So I asked myself very kindly, to step aside, so that I could take off and fly.  

Sometimes the things we want most in life, come from working hard for them.  This could mean a business, a relationship, an education, a job, financial goals.  Point being that what is worth having, is worth working hard for, don't you think?  So work hard I will. I don't know about you, but I want all my dreams to come true.

Here's to a restorative weekend.  One that makes all our weekday hard work melt away.

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