10 Reasons Friday Rocks


10 - On Friday, you get to look back at your week and feel good about what you accomplished Monday - Thursday.  And if you were a slacker and didn't get anything done, then Friday is your chance to say "I'll work extra hard next week."

9 - Friday allows for a little silliness, whereas the other days of the week seem, somewhat serious.  

8 - Friday is the end of one thing, and the beginning of something else. 

7 - You get to use TGIF in emails, blog posts, tweets and text messages.

6 - It is the best day to start a road trip. 

5 - It is the one day of the week, that everyone looks forward to.

4 - Friday is the best day to play hooky from work and/or school.  Just don't get caught.

3 - It is the first day of the week you can party late into the night and not worry about getting up early the next day.  Saturday being the second best day for such wild abandon.

2 - On Friday, you know someone, somewhere is having a happy hour and you're invited.

1 - Friday rocks most, because it kicks off the weekend, Saturday and Sunday following. Our time to play, explore, rest, rejuvenate! 

Why do you think Friday rocks?

Happy Weekend Friends!

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