Be Creative

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I've been working on this painting off and on for about a month.  It is almost done. I could easily complete a painting of this size in a few days, if that was all I was doing, but it never turns out to be the case.  And I don't know about you other artists, but when I'm getting close to the finish, I want to hurry up and be done so I can move on to the next one.

I've got a whole series of these mountain and larger than life flower paintings going. When I have eight to ten finished, I plan to approach a gallery and/or coffee shop, restaurant or salon to hang them.  Being an artist for a living is not my calling, but I've been convinced by friends, that it should at least be a side career.  (See the gallery pages on this site.)

And so I'll give it a go.  

The truth is that I couldn't stop painting and creating if my life depended on it.  I have a good number of works stacking up around here; and therefore, it is time to put them out into the world.  My creations, the brush strokes of my heart and soul.  Of my imagination, and interpretation of how I see the world around me. I rarely paint a painting or create a collage that is meant for me.  To date, I only have three works that I created with the intent to keep. And that suits me fine.  

Of more importance to me, I'm beginning to share with others my belief in the life changing powers of allowing ourselves to be creative.  Next weekend I'll be working with two of my friends who have asked me to help them get started in exploring their creativity and seeing where a little (or a lot) of painting will take them.  I'm honored and flattered that they trust me enough to lead them on this journey.  I know that I will get as much out of the experience as they will.  

I've been lucky to discover my own inherent creativity, and to put it to use in my life in a positive and meaningful way.  I create when I'm happy and joyful, and I head to the studio when my left brain is exhausted and needs a rest.  I'm drawn to the canvas when I'm anxious and worried, but also in times of feeling bliss.  If I can help one person know their own creative spirit, than I have fulfilled my purpose.  

Workshops and retreats are in the dreaming and development stages.  Keep an eye on the "workshops" page on the website for updates, or better yet, sign-up for the newsletter.

Thank for spending a part of your day here with me.  Here's to a weekend filled to the brim with creativity.

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