on the way to life


I wrote this line about two years ago.  I was obviously thinking about where my life was headed, and where it had been.    

As in, "a funny thing happened on the way to the bank today,"  I've come to know that many a funny thing happens as we move through the days that make up our lives.

Each day we have a choice how to spend the hours that make up the day, that become the weeks and months and years, which string together to become our life.  I wrote these words because it dawned on me that no matter how well I planned, or thought I knew where my life was headed, there are forces in the Universe that guide, push and even squeeze us into the life we will come to know.  The one that is ours to live. That so much of the time, a funny thing happens and we find ourselves on a totally different trajectory than where we thought we were headed.

Being able to say that a funny thing happened on the way to my life, helps me get through those times when I'm thrown for a loop, knocked off balance, or when what I believed to be my destiny, turns out to be a sideshow.  It helps me go with the flow, so to speak. To not sweat the small stuff, and to not take it all too seriously.  

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