Tiny Reminders of Beauty


As life does, it is marching forward faster than I can sometimes keep up.

I always try to make time for a least one good hike a week.  While on one of those hikes, I came across this little wildflower. Delicate and beautiful like so much of life is. Facing the sunshine to soak up its energy, just as I do. 

The wildflowers are beginning to bloom here in Boulder. So many different ones for me to discover. Dotting my path reminding me to stop and take notice of the vivid colors of nature. Making me smile as I walk along the trail dreaming and musing about my life and what might lie ahead. 

These tiny reminders of intricate strength and beauty, that rise above the cold ground for the warmth of the sun.  

That is how I feel sometimes. Like I need to rise above the cold and difficult things that cross my path, and keep heading up, towards the warmth of love and understanding.

I wish for you a weekend full of bright light, tiny reminders of beauty, and the opportunity to take it all in.

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