Let Go


Letting go of something dose not necessarily equal a loss.  In fact we often stand to gain when we are willing to let go of that which weighs us down.  But it isn't always easy this letting go.  We cling to things because they are comfortable, familiar and easier to deal with we think, then having to get to know something new.  We get lazy. We let fear of change and the unknown keep us from moving in the direction that life is trying to show us.   

I don't know about the rest of you, but with age and maturity, I've learned to set free those things in my life that no longer serve me in the best possible way. To say good-by and thank you to parts of my existence that although may still be a positive force in my life, I've outgrown finding myself in place ready to take on even more.  And I've learned to slow down the decision to let go, allowing myself ample time to consider the consequences of such an action and to prepare myself for what may lie ahead once I actually go through with it.

There are certain things in your life that you may never want to let go of no matter its influence in your life.  You may compromise or come to happily accept this thing, person, or situation because you've been able to make it work for you.  And you know that nothing lasts forever, and your are content in your choices.  As long as the holding on does no harm to you, or to others, I see nothing wrong in this decision.

But when you do decide to let something go, do so believing that it doesn't have to rest in your heart as a loss.  Let go believing it a positive action not only for you, but perhaps too, for the very thing you are setting free.  Yes, letting go may hurt at first, it may totally suck actually. Go ahead and mourn if that is what is called for. Let yourself feel what you may, but try not to let yourself feel loss.  Instead of feeling that you've lost something, try reminding yourself of what you had when you had it and list all the positive things that having it, brought into your life.  Be grateful. Be humble. Be at peace in your decision to let go. 


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