dogs are the best


In missing my beloved Hugo these last couple of weeks, I've come to realize even more why dogs are the best. Why they come to mean so much to us. Why we hold them so dear, why we need them, and why we grieve their loss so intensely. 

It's because a dog would never treat you like another human would treat you.

They don't lie to us.

They don't shame us.

They don't betray us.

A dog sees through our physical bodies, with all the imperfections, and looks straight into our hearts.

A dog never gives you the silent treatment. A dog is never passive aggressive.

Dogs always seem to know what we need from them, when we need it. There is no ego struggle with them. They simply give, and receive, with loving gratefulness.


We teach dogs, and we learn from dogs. But what they teach us I think, is far more important about living life wonderfully than what we teach them. 

Dogs don't lash out when their human makes an honest mistake. Instead, they accept that we are indeed human, and love us regardless. 

And I've never had a dog walk out on me when I needed them the most.

I've never known a dog to be cruel, just to save himself from having to admit is own fault.

Dogs get how special a loving relationship is, and never take it for granted.

When we tell a dog we are sorry, they accept graciously and then make us feel better.

I've not had a dog make me feel hollow inside or rejected.

Dogs don't ridicule us or make fun of us. No, they worship us and make us feel good about ourselves.

Dogs love with no strings attached. 

They lick away our tears, they don't cause them.

And when we have shown a dog the ugliest side of being a human, they come back at us with love.

The world would be a much better place, and we humans a lot more happy and joyful, if we treated each other, the way a dog treats us.

Dogs are the best.


If you are one of the lucky souls to share life with a dog, go hug them, and tell them they are the best. 

In loving memory of Hugo. The best Bullmastiff ever. The sweetest old soul. My comfort and joy. ann marie