a year of being fifty

Fifty, sure as hell, better be nifty. 

I turned 50 on September 12.

Although I'm not to happy about this number of years I'm turning, I plan to have an interesting year full of adventures, goal setting, goal reaching, new experiences, new friends, 50 new works of art (which will be for sale by the way....hint, hint), 50 donations, and 50 firsts- some may be big, many small- but all 50 will be something I've never done, experienced, known, tasted, cooked, traveled to, read or felt before.

Stay tuned. This could prove to be entertaining. 

In truth, I feel very blessed to have lived to 50, and am looking forward to what awaits me down the road. The body is healthy and strong, and carries me every place my heart desires to go. The mind is sharp, curious, and stable. The soul is sincere, authentic, peaceful. The heart is open, loving and true.

I am grateful. Humbled by what life has held thus far, and eager to learn what more it has in store for me. Things can get messy sometimes, but the lessons, the positives, are always there- the diamonds in the rough. 

My message to you- Live. Life. Wonderful., and Find Your Peace.

Now, let's get this party started!