mt audubon - a hike up to 13,223'

Yesterday, I experienced my first 13er (as they are known among mountain climbers) and it was awesome. I have yet to knock out my first 14er (14,000 ft.), but we don't leap past the bottom three steps of stairs on our way to the top, now do we? Two years ago when I moved to Boulder, I started with 10,000 ft, then 11, and many times up to 12,000 ft. Yesterday I reached a goal, and now there is no where to go but up. Way up!

The climb starts easy enough through forest and a few mild switchbacks. I stopped here to take in Mitchell lake from above. 


Vast and ruggedly beautiful landscape. 

I asked for a rest, and Finn obliged. My wonderful eight month old pup, is proving to be a perfect hiking companion. Agile, willing, adventurous, curious, loyal and fun. And as he matures, guardian as well. The rocky terrain was no problem for this mountain goat of a dog. 

On summit.  A zoom-in of the neighboring mountain tops.  One can really appreciate the term "Rockies" when standing atop one of these massive rock formations that reach high to the heavens.  Thirteen thousand feet is far from the tallest of the world's mountains, but no less awe inspiring when looking down from the top, across for miles and miles of jagged peaks, and up to skies of sparkling blue. 

Live life wonderful. Every single day, in any way you can.