life on mountain trails ~ 3 years

When I moved to Colorado three years ago this summer, I made it to one of my long head dreams- to live here. To live in close proximity to the beauty you see in these images. To travel the land on foot as I explore trails, lakes, mountainsides, and along the way, explore where my own life is headed. These past three years have seen their share of heartache, of that I am witness. And yet these years have given to me more clarity then I expected. They have given me friendships to last my whole life. Sights and sounds and smells to carry me onward to more dreams I hold in my heart. These years have provided healing that only passing of time can bring. With this three year mark, they have completed a promise I made to myself to stick it out here for a least three years, before making a decision stay or go. 

I've decided to stay.