spring melt

The trails are again full of snow melted to water. Mud is a given, as is a happy Finn dog. Like a child who stops to splash in a puddle, Finn finds the runoff lines along the trail's side, and uses it to make his way long the route. He likes his feet wet. I'm happy to allow him this joy.

It is almost May, and then it will be June and July, and I must confess that I am not quite prepared for summer. The plan that is in place for the "big" hiking/camping trip in July is close enough now, that I'm beginning to feel pressure to start prepping. I need it to be January again because I need more time. We all wish for more time, and we don't get it. It isn't how life works. So nothing to do but get my butt in gear and be ready when July rolls around and the day comes to load up the truck and head out. Between now and then, I have short one or two night trips that need to be put on the calendar that will act as dry runs and test camping before the big trip. 

A shift in my life is brewing, but before this happens in early fall, I have a summer to live. To explore and enjoy. To discover new places and experience new adventures. There are truck repairs to be done, camping gear to be bought (second hand), a doggie backpack that needs to be introduced to a canine who can be a bit of a spook, and many many creative ideas that need to find their way into the world. There is much work to be completed and goasl to be reached. I'm not sure I can get it all done before the July trip, but I'm going to try.