return to nature, again and again

Sunday found me once again hiking the mountain trails. The snow is melting, turning trails into small streams. Wet boots, muddy pants, occasionally taking a step that lands you thigh high in soft, wet snow. These are the things of early summer hikes in Colorado. 

Life has been busy, weather unpredictable and spring blooms have left me allergery ridden. All the more reason to get myself up and out the door early on the weekends to return to the places that fill me back up after the work week has drained me. I never take for granted the beauty of my home land, and a body that is strong enough, to get me to the places I wish to go. The time to sit on a rock and simply take in the view before me. Deep breaths of clean air, and sunshine to warm my back as I rest. 

Living can be hard sometimes, and the world cruel. Let returning to nature, again and again, save you.