art and writing

Art and writing. I want to do both. I have this internal struggle about which to put first. Creating art usually wins. It wins because I HAVE to paint, MUST create visual art. Writing is a WANT. Until it becomes a NEED. 

When I'm writing, I think I should be painting, and when I'm painting, I'm wondering when I'll write. Some of my best ideas for stories and essays come when I'm painting. The naming of things, words of wisdom and inspiration, greeting card words, almost all come while I'm painting. Maybe the solution is to write while I'm painting. Maybe it doesn't have to be one or the other all of the time. 

I see other artists who also write books. Several books, and all while they continue to make illustations, paintings, photography. I marvel at how they get it done. When do they write and when do they make art? Writing is of couse a form of artwork. Writing requires less supplies, but can't come to exist with less effort, inspiration and creativity. 

If I won the lottery and could spend my days painting and writing, I think I could get both done. But sense it is unlikely I'll win the lottery, given that I never play the lottery, I must go about finding the way that works for me to create visual art and write. Perhaps I've been looking at this all wrong and telling myself that my time is either spent with a paint brush or pen in hand, but not both at the same time.

The limits we put on ourselves, are limiting. 

I'll give this making art and writing along side one another thing a go, and let you know how it turns out. For now though, I'm done writing and I'm going to return to painting, until such time as I feel like writing. And then I'll stop painting. The cycle continues. 

live life wonderful,