The Chance

What if you found one day that your life sat before you, a clean slate.  That from this day forward, you could shape it anyway that you wanted.  That you found yourself at a crossroads in your life, and could leave the baggage behind.  Rid yourself of material possessions you no longer desire or really need.  End relationships that are toxic, and deepen the ones that make your heart sing and your soul happy.

Watch the sunset and know that your day was not wasted.  That everything you did that day mattered and moved you closer to a whole life.  A better place in the Universe.

That in the morn, you wake up to a new dawn, a new day full of possibilities just waiting for you to claim them.

What if life handed you a chance to start anew?

Would you seize the opportunity?  Relish in all that could be.  Dare to make some of those dreams come true?  What would you do?

Would you have the guts. The glory?  Would you put yourself first, so that later you could serve others?

Would you climb to the mountain top and shout, "I am me.  I am worthy.  I am unique.  I am love, and here to share love."

Here is my life, as it is today.  A chance for a whole new way of being in the world.  What might it look like?

Nothing stays the same.  Nothing lasts forever.  Everyone leaves, by choice or by death.  Everything ends, completes its life cycle.  But everything can be reborn.  Transformed into something new.

New happens in spades! Where there is sadness, there is also joy.  Where there is pain, there is healing.  Where there is hope, there is trust, belief, life.

It is true, that when you wake each morn, if you can stop and recognize that you have been given another day, then perhaps you can make the most of that day.  You can give thanks for the life you have and the life that you can make.

What if, you were given the chance to make it all new... what you want it to be?

a life with meaning
a life that nurtures
a life well lived