Happy Friday 03.09.12

©Ann Marie 2011

The trail of life, with all its ups and downs, twists and turns, slippery slopes and vista views.  We are all on this trail, and must take notice of all that we encounter along the way.  Take to heart the blessings, and weather the storms with love, patience and grace.  Look for the beauty before us, and cherish that beauty that lies behind us.  The only time we leave this trail, is when we die.  So dear friends, each and every day, walk the trail with intention and love in your heart.  Share it with family, friends and strangers too.  Relish in all the possibilities you find along the way.  Celebrate the milestones and triumphs, but also embrace the stumbles.  As it is when we stumble and sometimes fall, that we find the truths that help us get back up and carry on. 

This weekend, think about the trail you are on.  Consider that all you need to be happy and content along the trail, is available to you. 

Happy Trails!