Happy Friday 03.16.12

Friends, it doesn't get any better than spring time in central Texas!

If every month of the year here could be like March in the spring and October in the fall...  well, everyone would live here.  I mean everyone.   I told you that I was planning a trip to Fredericksburg yesterday, and knew there would be so many opportunities for photos, but then to get those photos, you of course have to stop the car.  And since I was racing down the highway at warp speed, I would pass amazingly beautiful fields of wild flowers and think, "Wow, that was stunning.  I should have stopped to get a photo."  Oh well, I always have next weekend. 

The photo above was taken at a winery just outside Fredericksburg where my friends and I stopped for a little tasting.  Of course the car is never going so fast that it can't be stopped for a little wine tasting. Anyway....before I headed home I rounded the corner of the winery building and this is what greeted me.  That is a Bradford pear tree in full bloom. We have a couple in our yard too and they never fail to put on a lovely spring show.

I hope your weekend finds you lost in nature's beauty and spring's bounty of freshness.