Spring Time

Look!  Look what is coming up in my little flower garden.  A tulip.  I scrawny one, but a tulip nonetheless.  I've never planted tulips before and I'm thrilled that they actually came up given the very short winter Austin had this year.   I'm so excited.  Can you tell?

Everything around the homestead is growing, blossoming, greening its way into spring.  The bluebonnets are starting to dot the sides of the roads all over town, and tomorrow I'm taking a drive to Fredericksburg for the day, so I'm in for a wildflower treat through the hill country.  I'm sure there will be a photo op or two.

I continue to work my way through the amazing ecourse Hello Soul, Hello Business, and boy is it keeping me busy.  This week I'm settling on a couple of my "WHATS" to work on the rest of the course, and this here blog is one of those WHATS.  Oh, so much to do......

Enjoy this day, and I'll see you on Friday.