Where There's A Will....

There's A Way!

Work in progress for Bloom True ecourse.

The weather in Austin this weekend was incredible.  Exceptional really.  I had dedicated my time over the weekend to paining, but I just couldn't make myself stay in the studio.  I would have felt foolish to not spend every second that I could outside in full sunshine.  So the thought to move my canvas and paints outside came to me, but Saturday was a bit windy and we all know that painting in the wind is just looking for a piece to become mixed media (leaves, grass, pollen) in a heartbeat.

Then it hit me!  We had emptied the greenhouse the weekend before and there it was, all open and warm and sunshiny inside.  The perfect place to set up for an afternoon of painting all the while enjoying being outside.  I simply opened the door wide, and with the dogs stretched out in the grass, got my creative energy flowing.  It worked out so well, that on Sunday, I did it again. 

Thank you greenhouse for transforming perfectly into a make shift art studio.  

 Work in progress for Bloom True ecourse.

So the lesson here, is that when you think you are stuck, you are not.  Find a way to get what you want.  Adapt.  Experiment.  Try something new.  And by all means, spend as much time outside as you possibly can!