50 Lessons - #1

Does this ever happen to you?  You go to the bookstore to buy a particular book and while browsing the shelves, a book cover grabs your attention and you reach out, pick this book up, and right away know it was meant for you?  At this very moment in your life?  Well, it happened to me last week.

And I'll admit, it was more about the 50 Lessons for Life's Detours title, than God not blinking.  The whole idea of 50 life lessons for the bumpy times of our lives was right up my alley.  Like a lot of things that come into our lives at just the right time, this book found me.  I'd never heard of Regina Brett, but that was a non-issue.  As soon as I read the back cover, about what prompted this woman to write about the 50 life lessons life has taught her, I couldn't resist the pull to read these lessons and reflect on how each applies to my own life.  

So here's the fun part:  Each week, I'll post a lesson (maybe two) and share my thoughts on how it resonates in my own life.  Perhaps you would like to join along.  Sharing in the comments, or posting on your own blog, and then sharing that link with us here.  I think this book would make an excellent choice for a book club, or the lessons used as retreat topics.  So let's just consider this a cyber book club of sorts.  Ok?  Great!  

I think we'll just jump right in with Life Lesson #1: Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

Well Amen to that!  It took me years to see through tough times in my life to the good still there.  Hell, not just the good, but the great!  When I found myself 29 years old and a single mother of an 18 month old baby, life didn't look to good to me.  In fact, I was pretty pissed off about the whole situation.  And scared.  When I look back to those first few months during the transition, I can't recall having one good thought about my life, other than my sweet baby boy.  But even he couldn't pull me out of my funk of thinking that life just wasn't fair.  That my marriage not being good wasn't fair.  That having to give up being a stay at home mom wasn't fair.  That moving from a nice house to a small duplex wasn't fair.  I was mad at the world.  Mad at God and desperate for the answer of why I wasn't being treated fairly. 

Fast forward 20 years and I'm here to tell you that for sure, life isn't fair.  I remind my young adult son of this often. When he's down and mad at his circumstances and says, "it just isn't fair" I agree with him.  It isn't.  At times it can seem that life is nothing more than an obstacle course of unfairness.  Here's what I've learned: that if you can accept that seemingly unjust and unfair things will find you in life and know that it isn't personal, that it is indeed, simply a part of life, you can start to focus on all the good in life.  Let's face it, we all deal with a bunch of crap from time to time.  But I would bet, that if we made a list of all this crap in one column and all the good in another, that the good would far out weight the unfair.   It's a fact.  The good and happy and joyful and fun, do far exceed any bad, unfair, unjust, rotten stuff.  Get it stuck in that head of yours.  Life isn't fair, BUT IT'S STILL GOOD!