50 Lessons - #2

Each week, I'll post a lesson (maybe two) and share my thoughts on how it resonates in my own life.  Perhaps you would like to join along.  Sharing in the comments, or posting on your own blog, and then sharing that link with us here.  I think this book would make an excellent choice for a book club, or the lessons used as retreat topics.  So let's just consider this a cyber book club of sorts.  Ok?  Great!  

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Life Lesson #2: When in Doubt, Just Take the Next Right Step.

Boy, does this one ever fit my life right now!  Sometimes in our lives we are thrown huge, faster than a speeding bullet, curve balls.  Out of no where, our happy and safe lives are turned upside down and spun around only to leave us standing there full of doubt and afraid to take a step in any direction.  Of life lesson #2, Regina writes that a point she didn't know what to do with her life.  That the future overwhelmed her.  Then a friend suggested that she just do the next right thing.  Brilliant!

I've always been a planner, someone who seems to others, to always know what she wants and how to get there.  In some respects this is true, but really, I get lost and freeze from fear sometimes, just like everyone else.  I love the idea of focusing on just taking the right next step.  Not planning for five years down the road, not black or white, not do or die.  Just the right next step for the moment in time I’m in right now.  Through the years I've been an "all or nothing" kind of gal.  (I'm proud to say that I'm in recovery from this affliction.) I'm quickly learning that life is so much more fun when we don't set strict limits on what we can achieve, where we can go, who we can connect with, how we spend our days.  

I'm also learning that instead of trying to tackle everything, all at once, that if I just do what I can when I can, I'm making good progress.  I'm taking the right next step.  And before moving to the next step, I can sit and enjoy the ones I've just taken.  There are times when our minds are clear and we are locked on to the target in front of us.  Everything is laid out and the sailing is smooth.  Then there are times when the lens we look through is a little blurry.  Our minds are a mix of thoughts and our hearts are overflowing with emotions.  This I think, is the perfect time to tell ourselves that while we could wait and let life happen to us, we'd be better off if we took one tiny step towards that which we want.  Even if we aren't sure what we want. 

Let me give you an example:  Say you have hit a dead end in your current career.  You think you know what you'd like to do, but aren't sure.  The thought of moving out of your comfort zone scares the heck out of you.  So, what do you do?  You take one step in exploring that which interests you.  You get a brochure from the school you are thinking about attending.  You sign up for an art class at the local museum.  You ask to visit with someone in the field you are considering so you can learn more about this possibility.  All of these are right next steps.  None of them create any harm.  So you don’t know what you are going to do, how you will make ends meet, where you might end up.  Scary for sure, but not something you can’t move through by taking a step forward.  The right next step.  The step that is right for you at this moment in your life.