It came the time to say good-by to my beloved canine friend, Rose.  Her life here on Earth lasted a wonderful and jammed packed eleven years.  A good old age for a boxer.  This little girl of mine wasn't always the easiest dog to handle.  She was prone to deafness at all the right moments, and had an independent streak that never let me forget she was her own dog.  Who often followed her own rules, not mine.

Rose was playful to the end, loving, so sweet with children, and the best dang huntress, keeping our yard safe from all sorts of invading critters.  As with all boxers, she had boundless energy and was always ready for an adventure.  She had an annoying habit of wanting to lick your mouth, which I didn't allow her to do, but she never quit trying.  When she wanted something and you weren't moving fast enough for her, she would fuss at you.  Squeaky toys were her favorits.  Chasing squirrels her pastime.

She was both a best friend, and a constant reminder to me to always do my own thing.  This may sound silly to some, but Rose and I had an understanding.  Of her need to be independent of me, and my need to have her need me.  Over the years, we found a perfect balance.

As hard as it is to let this girl leave my life, all dogs are given to us as gifts of love.  A love worth having for however long is meant to be.  Her life was good and happy, and her death dignified and painless.  I will forever be filled with the joy of this dog called Rose.

15 Weeks Old 

With a favorite pink squeaky ball.

Rose gets a little brother. 

Who she wasn't always nice to.

But little brother got big and got his revenge. 

Doing what she did best.  Hunt.

Fun in the snow with Dad.

And then the years started to show, but the spirit stayed young.

And when the body began to betray, long lazy days in the sun, her new joy.

With Zach.  Probably her favorite person. 

Clowning around with Mom.

Being happy and silly.

Talking to me about dinner.

Rose Marie
November 27, 2000 ~ April 26, 2012