Happy Friday 05.11.12

© Ann Marie-2012

Hello Friday.
How are you?
Oh, you're right, it is late in the day.
But not too late, right?

Feeling grateful today.
For Hugo. Cause he keeps me company and gives 
me little dog kisses just when I need them most.
For finally finding a cool straw hat that fits my small head. 
It was a big deal, I promise.
For all the rain we've had over the last couple of days.
Rain is almost always welcome in central Texas.
For yoga.  Getting back into a more regular practice.
It does the body (and soul) good.
For friends, who understood my pain and sadness,
and sent me little wonders from their hearts. 
For the gift of a good book.  I just finished Wild.
So good, I couldn't put it down. Her story has given me more
courage to step outside my bubble of familiarity.

And grateful too, for the peace and calm that I'm able to
achieve, even when I think I cannot.

Happy Friday Friends!