Happy Friday 05.18.12

©Ann Marie-2012

This flower image makes me think of Hawaii.  I've never been to Hawaii but I've seen pictures of some of the beautiful flowers you can find there, and this one looks like it could have lived there.  And then taken and placed behind the ear of a pretty Hawaiian girl, there for all to see as she strolls along the beach.  Do you have this lovely image in your mind yet?  I do, and I think it is a nice way to start the weekend.

I won't be in Hawaii this weekend, but I will be in Mansfield, Texas, and you know, it could be the next best place.  NOT!  But most of my family lives in Mansfield or the surrounding area, so I go there to visit them.  It really isn't a bad place at all.  My son and I will be taking my Mom to the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Worth on Saturday, and I'm sure we will be in flower heaven.  I'm really looking forward to the beauty that awaits me there.

I hope that your weekend holds some beauty as well.  Make it a great one.  A creative one.  A full to the brim with fun one!

See you next week.