Happy Friday 05.25.12

© Ann Marie-2012

I've been working on an inspiration deck as part of a large group project and finished it up yesterday.  Each of us chose one quote, mantra, or favorite saying, painted (and in my case, collaged) up a deck of playing cards, then we'll all send them to our friend Janet Forrest who is hosting the project.  She will put together decks of 52 individual cards by each artist, and them mail each of us our very own deck.  Fun!

I'm forever jotting down thoughts and words of encouragement and inspiration.  Some I've shared in my artwork, some I archive for use in future projects, and some I keep private.  Hope is mandatory came to me early this year as I sat and contemplated a very rough and sad time in my life.  I was feeling hopeless, fearful, and confused.  As I sat there with my notebook and my thoughts, it just came to me that I could not let hope die.  That if I didn't keep hope in my heart, and on my mind, I would be swallowed up by despair.  I realized too that I couldn't just say I would be hopeful.  I needed to tell myself I had no choice.  That is was mandatory.

Here are some things I wrote down that day about HOPE ~

Hope.  Holds the desire.  The belief.

Hope. Keeps the mind open to possibilities.

Hope. Can sometimes be the only thing we have to cling to, to get us through the day.

Hope. Is always there when we need it.

Hope. Takes us further than wishes.

Hope.  Returns again and again when the mark is first missed.

Hope. Should always be held close.

Hope. Goes well with dreams.

Hope is Mandatory.

My friends, have a most happy and hope filled holiday weekend.