From Boulders To Flowers

Are there actually boulders in Boulder?  Why, yes there are.  But I decided the flowers around Boulder made for much better photo subjects than rocks do.  Although I'll admit that I did see some pretty impressive rocks (boulders) last week.  The flowers above are a collection of wildflowers, garden plants and a weed or two.  Some where found along the front walks of homes, in the fields of the parks, and others were discovered on the grounds of the university in their outdoor "labs."  As you can see, the color pink was predominant.

Yep, I'm all back safe and sound in Austin.  I had a wonderful time last week and the trip served its purpose in many ways.  The chance to get away from my everyday life, to meet new friends, and to help me decided where it is I will be hanging my hat in the months to come.  I found Boulder to be much like Austin in several ways, but all together different as well.  It was very warm last week too, with temps matching Austin's just about everyday I was there.  I was told by the locals that the heat wave was not normal for June!

I have more to share about my trip, but today has been a catch-up day so I'll save the rest for later in the week.  And as for my decision to either stay in Austin or move to Boulder.... I'll reveal that answer after this commercial break!  Stay tuned.

Make flowers a part of everyday.