Happy Friday 06.01.12

©Ann Marie ~2012

I'm not sure what happens from one Happy Friday post and another, when nothing shows up between the two.  I enjoy blogging, I really do.  I guess I just need to admit to myself that the current state of change my life is in these days, does not lend itself well to a regular blogging routine.  That although I have many pretty pictures to show, artwork to share and things to say, that the available bandwidth for sitting down and writing eloquent, thoughtful and fun blog posts just isn't there right now.   It still bothers me though, because I'd like to be here more.

I'm leaving on Sunday for a week in Boulder, Colorado.  For vacation yes, but for much more.  This is my chance to see Boulder and the surrounding area.  To test it out.  To see if it might be a good fit for me.  I'm thinking of moving there.  I am a Texas girl through and through, yet I've long held a desire to roam.  To set up house in another land.  Experience life outside of my comfortable Texas boarders.  The thought of moving to another state both excites and scares me a little.  I'll be 48 in September, and all of those years have been spent right here, in Texas.  I've not even traveled that much compared to most people. 

I have wanderlust.  

I'm looking for a place to heal.  A place to steady myself back on the path of my life's journey.  A place to support new beginnings.  A place, and the time, to find peace with what has been and carry the good and love with me as I move into the next chapter of my life.  There are many beginnings and endings in life and I'm in the space between the two.  Afraid and sad to let go of what has been, yet excited too about what is in the future.  What new and wonderful experiences and people I have yet to discover.  I've been so pragmatic, sensible and safe my whole life.  Fearful of change.  But not anymore.  I've come to realize that change is going to happen to us whether we plan for it or not.  Whether we accept it with grace, or fight it.  

Change is a given.

So I leave you today with wishes for a wonderful and fun weekend as well as the week ahead.  Not sure I'll post from Colorado, but I'm sure I'll have much to share upon my return.  

Thank you for visiting here.