Happy Friday 06.22.12

My True Story
Mixed Media on Wood
©Ann Marie ~ 2012

Summer is now officially the season!  This means vacations and pool time. Summers are long and hot in Texas, but they are filled with good times.  My plans include staying cool, staying cool, and staying cool!  One way I like to do this is by going to the theater in the middle of the day to see a summer blockbuster.  Since my kiddo is back home for a few weeks, we plan to take in a couple of movies and to pick the time of day when it is hotest.  By the time you walk out of the theater you are of course frozen from the intense air conditioning, but within seconds of walking outside, you thaw and then begin to sweat again.  Fun!

When it comes to self-care during these hot and sticky days, we Texans tend to rise early to get a few hours outdoors before the mercury climbs.  I like to sit on the deck with my coffee and a read, and enjoy the quiet of the day.  And speaking of self-care, I'll be participating this summer in the sumMEr of Me hosted by the lovely Renee Burke of Happily Ever After.  Over 40 artists will be sharing how they care for themselves ~ mind, body, spirit.  We hope you will join us.

Have a great weekend my friends.  I hope it is filled with sunshine and good times.

About the Artwork:  I created the piece above with my own photography, vintage and modern papers, acrylic paint and oil pastels.  Prints will be available for sale in my shop, late summer or early fall.