Hello Universe, Thank You For Calling

The Universe is speaking to me so loudly and clearly these last couple of days.  Little things, that pop up and appear and are just what I need.  In the silence that sometimes surrounds me, I hear that which is speaking to me with purpose and meaning.  That which would gently but firmly, shake me back to the truth.  It is these times when I am reminded to keep faith, in both the process of life, and myself.  

©Ann Marie-2012

Like the glass with which this flower was photographed, we have filters in our lives.  Filters that protect us from harm, from others and from ourselves.  I don't know about you, but when I find life hard, when just getting up each day seems daunting, I begin to use these filters so that I don't have face the truths all at once, and so harshly.  Just like wrapping our bodies in warm coats to shield us from the cold, I wrap my mind in filters to lessen the glare of my realities.  Using these filters is not bad.  I believe in fact, that they are necessary to give us the time we need to breathe, think, listen to our hearts and calm our frantic minds.  They soften the hard edges.  Act as breaks against the waves of crazy.  Slow time so we have a chance to right ourselves and begin again. 

I love it that when I am feeling lost and lower than low, that I am always reminded that a higher power is ever present.  Like a friend with a gentle hand on my shoulder, I am shown what I need to see ~ where I am going and how to get there.  These messages, hints and clues are meant to lead me to reminders of my own strength, my beliefs, my blessings and my fortitude.  "Hey Kid, don't forget the good, the meaningful and the true."  In the heat of battle, in the throes of chaos and the depths of uncertainty, I am so grateful for the reminders of how much we are loved, what honest gifts we have to share, and that no matter how many times we are knocked down, we can and must, get back up again.  

Creativity is a filter for me.
Making art, writing, taking photographs.
All filter out some of the yuck.
Yet always allowing the real to be seen.  
Find your filters and use them.
And, answer when the Universe calls you.