OJ, Better Than Beer?

OJ, Better Than Beer?
©Ann Marie~2012
Mixed Media

Hey Friends - Popping in for a short post.  And a pic of one of the new mixed media pieces I've been working on lately.  I've been spending almost every late afternoon in my studio, if even only for an hour.  I find that my mind is in overdrive these days with all that is going on, and that is going to change, so turning to making art, is helping me deal a little better.

I'm working at not be overwhelmed at being overwhelmed! 

The Soul*Full Summit started on Monday, and so far it is pretty darn fabulous.  Listening to how others combat the fears that keep us locked in place and not moving forward is proving most insightful.  It isn't too late to join.  You can sign up here.

Ta Ta for now...