New Digs

Finally!  I found a place to call home in Boulder for at least a year.  Who knew finding a rental in Boulder would be like pulling teeth.  Given my needs, budget, pet restrictions, location desires and must haves, the task was daunting.  Thank goodness for my good friends who previewed properties for me and who, having lived there for years, kept me in the right places and looked out for my best interests.  Thank you Catherine and Coop!

So here's a peek at the floor plan.

I think the best thing about this townhouse (which you can't see in this plan) is a small fenced patio/grassy area off the kitchen.  This will make mine and Hugo's life so much easier and provide for us a little of what we are use to here at our current home.  We've lived in a house that sits on an acre lot with a large deck for nine years.  The thought of not having at least a little area to sit outside and enjoy our mornings and evenings was crushing my spirit a little.  This quiet time is very important to me and my sense of peace.  So, so happy I found a place where I can still enjoy this part of my daily routine.

I'll be moving soon, so posts will continue to be spotty at best.  But I'll make up for it once I'm settled.  Sharing pics of the new digs and my adventures in my new state and city.  I hope you will hang in here with me.  The coming months are sure to be one big adventure!  I'm ready.  I'm excited.