Dispatch Boulder - Getting Here

One week ago today, I arrived in Boulder to start a new life.  A new way of being in the world and with much excitement for the many adventures I am sure to discover in this wonderful state of Colorado.  It wasn't without a bit of sadness that I left my home state of Texas, but as I crossed the state line a feeling of peace washed over me knowing that my love for Texas will always be with me and that my many dear friends and family are there and will keep me deeply connected to the state I called home for forty-seven years.

Here's a bit of the journey in pictures.

For anyone who has lived in Texas, you know how long it takes to get from one corner of the state to another.  I mean seriously folks, it took about 13 hours just to drive from Austin up through Amarillo and on to the New Mexico state line.  Texas has a vast landscape of all types with many sights to see and some so boring you'd be better off sleeping through.  But it was a fun day of driving and seeing Texas again from the inside of a car.

Once we got closer to Raton, NM we were treated to the most amazing lighting and rain storm.  The rain wasn't too heavy as to make driving unsafe, but the lighting was in full force and put on a show to rival any Forth of July fireworks display.  I wasn't able to capture any of the lighting strikes, but did manage the above picture from our moving car.  

Made It!

My first morning in my new place I pulled out my Keep Austin Weird coffee cup and sat on my new patio.  It was cool and crisp, perfect for a deep exhale.  An exhale I had been waiting to take for months.  I can't wait to get started exploring my new city and the surrounding areas.  I'm giddy with the opportunities that await me here.  The new friends I haven't yet met, the new sights and sounds and smells.  I plan to use this place to document my first year in Boulder, with all the details of my new home, creative work, adventures, travels, friendships and much more.  I hope you will join me.

Ready. Set. Go!