Happy Friday 08.03.12

Another week that has flown by.  Only 10 more days until my big move to Colorado.  
Only 10 days!

I'm spending my days packing and taking care of the million and one little things that need to be done before a move like this one.  Making sure I squeeze in as much time as I possibly can for my friends, and in general, just soaking up as much of my home and Austin as I can.  
I will miss this city for sure.

I'll admit to tiny moments of panic about whether I've made the right decision to move.  You know those times when you wake in 2am and just about hyperventilate from the sheer magnitude of what you are about to do.  However, during my sane, calm waking hours I remind myself that I've never had an adventure like this before in my life.  Never moved further from home than a few hours away to go to college.  Never left everything I know and that is familiar, for new and the unknown.  

I believe our lives should hold adventure.  As much of it as we can stand. 
I'm about to have a full blown life adventure.

Ready. Set. Go!