Happy Friday 08.31.12

©Ann Marie ~ 2012

Happy Friday!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day will forever be extra special to me.
My son was born on Labor Day.
Yes I know, makes for a good joke.
But really, it was a labor of love giving birth to him.
On Sunday, he will turn 21.

OMG! My kid is 21 years old.  
This can only lead to 25.  Then 30. Then.....
Oh well, nothing to do but be proud of the young man he 
has grown into and not look at how old I'm getting in comparison.

This Labor Day weekend I plan to remember how great it has been
to have this child in my life.  I will miss him some to.  
This will be only be the second time in his life that 
I have not been with him on his birthday. 
But I'll call him to tell him how much I love him.

My friends, have a great and happy weekend.
Ann Marie