Dispatch Boulder - Green Mountain Hike

Sunday brought another hike.  This time to Green Mountain right on the edges of Boulder.  The elevation climb was a killer 2344 ft!  But I made it to the top and back down in one piece.  Sapped of energy, barely able to move my legs at the end, and blistered toes, but feeling happy and full of wonder as all my hikes leave me feeling.

Ready. Set. Go!

How thoughtful of the trail builders to make it like you are simply climbing a staircase.  Ha!
The photo on the right is only about a 1/4 way up.  That is Boulder down there you can see.

So on the way up, I found myself being over taken by a man who was hiking at a much faster pace than I was, so I pulled over to the side to let him pass.  As he did I said to him that since he was moving much faster then me, I'd let him go ahead.  And then he says to me, "Nine years ago a bear came after me right in this spot.  I was lucky to get away."  To which I replied, "Is that why you are moving so fast?"  He said, "No, but I do suffer from Post Traumatic Bear Syndrom!" 

Well thanks a bunch dude.  Bears are already on my mind constantly when on the trail alone, and your little story didn't help matters.  Make Note: Must buy bear spray.  

Almost to the top.

The top!  The photo on the right is of a type of map showing the mountains you can see from where you are standing and their elevations.  It sits atop a cairn which sits on top of a big red boulder.  I climbed up to get the best view possible.  And I have to admit I have a fear of heights, so for me to scramble up this rock to take a pic is saying I'm conquering my fears little by little.

It is hard to read, but Green Mountain sits at 8100 ft.  Oh my!

Mountain top critters. 

Sitting on a rock, as far as the eye can see.

While sitting on said rock, eating my snack and taking in the view, I realized I could see where I live and the trails I walk most mornings that are right across the street.  The red arrow indicates my townhouse location.  I walk the trail that you can see by the body of water.  It travels around to the south and then back west to complete a nice three mile loop.  Those are tennis courts owned by the university.  Sort of random, middle of no where site for tennis courts, but whatever works. 

So there you have it.  Another Sunday hike.  
I think next week I'll opt for a less strenuous, lower elevation climb.  

Ann Marie