The Week Recapped!

Here it is Saturday, and I didn't blog all week.  Not even my Happy Friday post.  Let's see, whatever was it that kept me so busy this past week?

Sunday's hike:

Starting the hike in Eldorado State Park...

Stopping to read this memorial, and took the pic because I really like the quote and wanted to share it.

This bright red house just sits on the mountain side.  Private property.  Can you imagine living there!

Super high...

And loving it.
I made it to the same stream I crossed on the previous Sunday's hike.  The trails intersect, and since I was so close to nice cool water, I decided the tootsies needed a little cooling off.  And yes, those are bandades on my toes.  Hiking is tough man.

Thank goodness for these little maps along the trail.  Because, you know, they are oh so helpful in knowing just where you are.

Monday:  Took Hugo for his morning potty outing only to discover when we got home that blood had soaked through his bandage!  Not good.  Changed it and the part of his paw that we thought was just a sore from rubbing, was enormous.  Not getting better at all.  Made appointment for Wednesday for recheck and possible additional surgery to remove this inflamed nipple looking thing.  Drat!

Tuesday: Decided to take a road trip into Rocky Mountain National Park.  Exactly one year ago that day, the ex-hubby and I were on this same trip.  I knew I wanted to go back on my birthday, just because it had been one full year to the day and thought it would be cool, but Tuesday's weather was forecasted better than Wednesday's and well, you know the Hugo story.  Anyway, I packed up the pooch and we headed out early Tuesday morning.

Here we go....

Gorgeous day, gorgeous sights.

Yes the car was moving when I took this photo.  Probably not the wisest thing to do, but what the heck.  Sometimes I'm over taken with awe at the beauty of the sky and the mountains and must click away.

So there is one road that travels through the park.  From beginning to end, it climbs to the top and then back down again.  At the top (around 11,450 something feet) the temp change is drastic.  When I left Boulder Tuesday morning, the temp was around 75, and where I took this picture, the temp was 54!  That is snow you see at the top and a little lake below and to the right a bit.  Bet that water is frosty!

This is the spot where Hugo and I stopped for a picnic lunch.  Dogs are not allowed on the trails in RMNP, but they can get out of the car at roadside picnic areas.  I shared my PBJ with him, of course.

Up high, the aspens are already changing.  In a week or so, I'm going with friends on an aspen color drive/hike, so I'm sure I'll have lots of pics to come.

On the way out of the park that day, there was a huge heard of elk in this clearing.  Last year we didn't see any elk.  Moose yes, which is much more rare, but no elk.  I was so excited to see so many in one place.  Unfortunately, my camera battery was pretty much dead, but I managed four decent pics.  The iPhone camera just couldn't get in close enough to get any good shots so I was happy to squeeze out what I did from the camera.

Wednesday: Birthday!  I turned 48 and did absolutely nothing and loved it.  I took Hugo in for his appointment early, leaving him for the day for surgery.  The day had turned cold and rainy (which was great as the area was in need of rain) so staying in all day was just fine with me.  My dear friend Catherine had planned a birthday dinner out for me, but when I picked Hugo up about 4pm, he was so stoned, that I didn't feel good leaving him.  So.... she picked up food for us and we had a really nice time just sitting around my house eating and chatting.  It was a good day.

Thursday: Off to Ikea with Catherine as we both needed several items from this shopping wonderland.  The one in Denver is about an hour away, so going together made the best sense.  I got a dining table and two shelves for the living room.  I finally feel that my little home is complete.  I'm not going to share any pics yet of the casa until everything is just right.

Friday: Finished putting together goods from Ikea, and pretty much just hung around the house.  A few errands, dinner for one, and some TV time.  It felt really nice to be away from the computer for a few days.

Well, there it is.  My week in review.  Tomorrow is another Sunday hike.  Going for a little higher elevation climb so we'll see how I do.  I'll be back next week with more goodies from my life in Boulder.

Until the...
Ann Marie