Ann Marie is an artist and designer based in Colorado. Ann has earned two degrees; the first in 1987, a BS in animal science from Texas A&M, and the second in 2010, a BFA in interior architecture and design from Academy of Art, San Francisco. Although art and creativity have been a part of Ann’s life from a young age, it wasn’t until 2011 that she began to pursue art making as a serious endeavor. Abstract paintings and collage come intuitively to Ann and provide a means for expressing her innate sense of color and composition. After moving to Colorado in 2012, the surrounding landscape sparked a calling to create art related to mountains and the natural environment. Ann combines her passion for the natural world with her love of color and design, exploring unions between what we know is real of this planet, with our freedom to interpret what we see and feel through our imaginations. 


Artist Statement

nature is my church, my therapy

Mountains are my soul’s comfort, my place of healing. I am drawn to mountains, like others are drawn to the oceans. Large and steadfast, mountains represent for me a part of Earth that is strong and beautiful and lasting. They give me hope in a world that seems fleeting. 

Mother Nature in all her glory has always offered me solace, wonder, curiosity and inspiration. Being in nature makes me question my existence, and that of all living creatures. I believe nature holds the answers to our most important life questions. 

I create mountain and nature themed art, to not only express my love and appreciation for creation itself, but to also spark emotional responses from viewers, awakening in them an intense need to find themselves out in nature themselves, among the rocks, trees, wildflowers, birds and beasts. To walk the paths to mountain tops and find their own healing there. 

I begin each work of art from a place of color first, with line and shape coming second, then back to color to finish. Different styles and series evolve as I test ideas in my art journal, often during the very early hours of the morning, or late into evening before bedtime. It is in the art journal studies, that I quickly get what I see in my mind onto paper, much like we jot down thoughts as to not to forget the words. 

i create art, because i simply must do so, to stay sane and to know happiness

Kind Words

Ann Marie, you're one of the strongest and most solid people i know. You may not realize it but you naturally lend your strength and support to everyone around you. You're not just a rock, you're a mountain!  -David R.

I don't know how many times to say it but you inspire me Ann Marie.  -Sofia

Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and reminding us we always have a choice! You inspire me! - Stacey

Wow. You are one wise, wonderful and funny gal. With a never-ending spirit.  -Rhonda

You inspire me Ann! To want to work towards my dream come true. To want that peace of mind that I am so lacking. To want to fill my life with live, life, wonderful! Love you!  ~Linda

I think Ann Marie is a great teacher. You can tell she enjoys teaching people to find and use their creativity! ~Workshop participant